Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Family Rules: Not Necessarily In Order

1-      Always tell the truth. Our relationship has to be filled with truth telling and authenticity. We are not interested in having a fake relationship with you. We are interested in knowing the real you, warts and all. Because we love you – All of you, even the parts we don’t agree with. Plus, in truth, secrets make you sick!!!

2-      Always ask for what you want. If you don’t ask for what you want, you will probably not get it. We believe that you should have everything your heart desires. We believe in finding a way to make that happen. We believe in dreams come true. That all starts with asking for what you want. The worst thing that could happen, is you won’t get it. You will never know if you don’t ask.

3-      Play at 100%. This means everywhere. That’s how we roll. We try the hardest, we care the most, we love as deep as we can.  We don’t do just enough, we do our best. We play at 100% - so even when we lose, we win. We learn, we grow, we sometimes screw up, and have to try again. But we do all of that at 100% - and when we figure out we haven’t been playing at 100% we take it back up.

4-      We have a No Heroin, No Meth, No Crack Policy. If it even looks like it is related to any of these – It is off limits, not even once!!!!

5-      Condoms are your friend. We believe that there are two answers to the question “Do you want to have sex?” – One answer is No, and if that is the answer – You should have an escape/exit route planned ahead of time.  If the answer is Yes – You should have a plan ahead of time which includes “safe sex” – We love you regardless of the answer. We want you to be safe regardless of the answer. We are open 24/7/365 for questions or concerns regarding this rule!!!! We also encourage you to be in a committed relationship prior to answering yes to this question. Sex is an adult activity and you must be an adult!!!

6-      Always listen to your inner voice!! We believe that your inner voice generally has your best interest at heart. We believe that it is an early warning system. We believe only good things can come from listening to your inner voice. We believe that you should be exercising this muscle from the day you are born. We will help you learn to recognize it. We will also be willing to lend you ours until your develop your own.

7-      Always have a positive attitude!!! We believe that things will work out for us and they always do. We are lucky, we are blessed, we are positive. Energy attracts like energy. So what you are putting out into the world, you will get back. You should always be actively putting out good energy into the world!!!

8-      You are 100% responsible for your choices!! When things go well, that is because you choose it. When things go bad, that is because you choose it. Even with things that seem to randomly occur. You will always be able to look back at some decision you made along the line that put you squarely in your circumstances. We are introspective. We learn from, we apologize, we make amends, we are accountable. We do not make excuses, whine or complain. We simply make better decisions.

9-      We have freedom of Religion. This means that we will support your religion of choice or your choice to not believe in anything at all. We will not be, however, enforcing your choices. If you believe in something we will expect you to live accordingly. We respect your ability to change your mind at any time. We respect your ability to try different beliefs on. We are your life support team. So your happiness is our goal.

10-   We are grateful !!! Our Family believes that the most important thing you can tell someone is thank you!! The best use of time is building others up. Inspiring people to reach for the stars, helping someone who is down on their luck, providing random acts of kindness to brighten our own day. We believe the best way to say thank you is to serve. 

11-   Social Media is a Marketing Tool: There should only be positive things posted on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or whatever the next  big thing that comes down the pipe is. If you are sick, I don’t want to see if on Facebook. If you need a listening ear or a sympathetic hug. Call us, don’t post it on Facebook for the masses to boo-hoo with you about your aliments. Also – There is never a reason to have unattractive photo’s on there. This is your face to the world. Make it a good one.

12-   Do the Right Thing: There will be plenty of time where no one would know, plenty of times that it would be easy to act like you didn’t see a person in need. Sometimes you will be too tired or emotionally empty, Do the right thing anyway. Trust me – it is always better to do the right thing. You will know what that is. Justice and Right – Are not always the same thing.

13-   Be a Good Person:  This is really important. And surprisingly not always the natural choice. But even if you don’t want to, pretend you are good person and act like a good person would. Even if you are not a good person today, act like it enough, and you will become a good person.

14 - Ask for help!!!: If you are "in over your head" ask for help. If you aren't sure, ask for help. We have lived many more years than you have and we will be able to provide advise. If we don't know, we will find someone who does. We will not judge you, for asking for help - I promise!!!

As your parents continue to grow and learn, these rules are subject to change. We believe that if a better way comes down the road, we should be able to incorporate it into our family.

*I don’t necessarily have James “buy-off” on all these rules, and he would argue I break a few of them daily J

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